Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Testing Out Character Creation

One of the main goals of my house rules is to allow for character creation in around 5-10 minutes, so that less time is spent making a character and more can be spent exploring the unknown. I decided to put that to the test. I set up a blank character sheet, with spaces for things to be filled in when determined, opened up the .pdf, and turned on a stopwatch. My results were better than I expected.

4 minutes and 53.82 seconds later, I had a character, all ready for adventuring. Now, granted, I am the one who wrote the rules, so I already knew what I was doing, but even if it takes the average person twice as long, that is still (barely) under 10 minutes!

(Forgive my wretched hand-writing)

So, what did I learn from this test?

  1. Having a character sheet set up so one can just fill in blanks speeds things up.
  2. The most lengthy part of making a character is buying stuff, equipment packs makes things a lot faster.
  3. Making a fighter is probably even faster than making a wizard.
  4. The war-mage equipment pack is pretty cool.
  5. My home system is very well suited to running one-shot games.
  6. I should probably make a similar equipment pack system for my survival horror rules.
I think my character creation system for my house rules is basically done, now I just need to do some more work making things easy for the game master. I already have written out my formula for making what I think constitutes a good dungeon, now I feel that I should probably add:
  • Guidelines on making magical items and traps
  • Some sample magic items
  • A small bestiary of sample monsters
  • Some appendixes full of useful d6 tables from my blog. 
  • Maybe a sample dungeon level?

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  1. Before declaring the test a success, consider you are already thoroughly familiar with the system, and you're the one who laid out the sheet. Those are massive advantages the lay player doesn't have. It's not a real test until you hand the instructions cold over to someone unfamiliar with it, and see how long it takes for them.