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Motleyville: The Town Of Misfits

(From Pathfinder)

Adventurers are an oddity, and finding others of their kind is usually a difficulty, but not in Motleyville.

Motleyville is an odd place, it is one of the few places in the Holy Empire where magic is practiced openly, differences are embraced rather than shamed, and the church holds little power. The town was formed about a decade ago by Molly Lanchester, a woman who ran away from her noble family with her lover, Caroline, and went on a series of adventures that made her rich and cost her legs. After years of the couple's delving into forbidden places, they decided to make a place for people like themselves, and with the help of other adventurers they'd met in their travels, founded the town of Motleyville.

The Imperial Inquisition hates the town, and deeply desires to see it razed to the ground, but the substantial number of capable warriors and magicians that protect it make this a difficult task. The town itself has been enchanted to make those with any ill intent towards the place have difficulty finding it (though it is not impossible). At any given time, Motleyville has around 100-200 people living there, though they come and go as they please.

(Also from Pathfinder)

NPCs In Motleyville

Molly Lanchester
  • Trans woman who was heir to the Lanchester estate
  • Began secretly practicing magic from a young age, and is an accomplished sorceress
  • Lost both legs to a trap in a dungeon, and now gets around in an elaborate and decorated wheelchair
  • Carries a pistol in a hidden compartment of her wheelchair
  • Speaks in an overly flowery manner, having been raised as nobility, but is prone to swearing
Caroline Lanchester
  • Dwarf, worked as a gardener for the Lanchesters before leaving with Molly
  • Married to Molly Lanchester
  • Master swordswoman, wields a rapier
  • Sharp of tongue, wit, and blade, she is always sarcastic but friendly
  • She puts flowers in her beard
Sleipnir Lambert
  • The genderless priest of a forgotten god of vengeance against evil
  • Uses e/is/im pronouns
  • A genius, able to solve any problem if given enough time
  • House is full of animals, which Sleipnir heals and cares for
  • Offers food and lodging to any who need it
  • Is a competent archer
Anya Blackwood
  • Proprietor of an adventuring store called the "Tomb Delver's Depot"
  • Master thief and assassin, able to sneak in and out of even the most well-guarded of locations
  • She steals most of her goods from the inquisition, nobility, and military of the Empire, the rest she makes herself or found in dungeons
  • Knows countless rumors of adventuring locations
Gregory Kruger
  • Was a frail old wizard, but his brain has been transferred into the body of a hulking ogre
  • His old, brainless body is kept alive in a vat in his basement
  • The brain transfer was the result of a failed experiment, which Gregory is feverishly working to correct
  • Dresses in an awkward, over-sized robe
(Look Pathfinder has a lot of good character art okay??)

Locations In Motleyville

The Lanchester "Mansion"
  • The humble abode of the Lanchesters, a one story cottage
  • When Molly and Caroline are not visiting with others in town, they can be found here
  • Backyard has a small training area for Caroline, while inside the house is Molly's laboratory
Generosity Hospital
  • A small hospital that serves anyone in Motleyville for free
  • Sleipnir volunteers here sometimes
  • Operated entirely by former adventurers, who have experience with unusual injuries and ailments
Tomb Delver's Depot
  • Shop full of adventuring gear, odd objects, and minor magical items
  • Run by Anya Blackwood, and upper floor of the building serves as her home
The Unburning Witch
  • A rather large inn, with three stories
  • Offers food and lodging for free for whoever cannot pay, but management will be pissed if you can pay and just choose not to
  • It is rumored that the inn is haunted by the ghost of a drunkard
Kruger's Tower
  • The "tower" of Gregory Kruger, a small cottage with a wooden tower hastily added on
  • Full of unfinished magical experiments, despite Gregory's bulk there is not much room in the building
  • Basement contains a vat with Gregory's real, brainless body
(More Pathfinder art)

Adventure Hooks In Motleyville

  • A former adventuring buddy of the Lanchesters has been kidnapped by the inquisition, and is being held at a secure location. Molly has found where they are, and sends the party to rescue them.
  • Gregory Kruger believes he has finally found the last key ingredient to a brain transferal potion that will restore him to his original body. Unfortunately, this ingredient is the heart of a vampire. 
  • Sleipnir wishes to acquire a dragon egg, and through is magic has found the location of one. If you can retrieve it for im, e will be very grateful.
  • Someone among the townsfolk is an inquisitor in disguise, they must be found before they can cause havoc.
  • A sub-basement has been found beneath the Unburning Witch, that was never there before. Things have been seen skittering about in the dark.
  • A tall person in black robes and a beaked mask has been seen wandering the halls of Generosity Hospital, and is often last seen by the bedside of patients who die the next day. Find out who this person is, and what they are doing.

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