Wednesday, January 2, 2019

The Blood Goblin (Also Survival Horror Update)

It began after you sliced your finger by accident. You were in the attic, and had bumped into a pile of boxes, causing an old model ship in a bottle to fall to the floor, shattering its container. Cursing your clumsiness, you leaned down to clean up the shards, noticing for the first time the strange magic circle carved into the attic's floor. Distracted, you got a nasty cut on your index finger, causing the blood to flow like a waterfall of crimson.

Nothing has been the same since then.

The Blood Goblin
HP 48 (4 per every hit die the player characters possess in total)
AC medium
ATK 2 claws (+4 to hit)
DMG 1d6+2
Special: The goblin can appear anywhere where there is spilt blood. If even a drop of blood falls to the ground or splashes on to the wall, it is possible for the goblin to teleport to that spot, absorbing the blood as it does so.

The Blood Goblin is a demonic entity that feeds on the blood of humans. Every year, it must drink the blood of at least 10 individuals, before going back to sleep. However, it is possible to trap the demon in a magical circle, turning it into ash. But be wary; if even a drop of blood falls into the circle, the spell is broken, and the demon returns. Of course, first one must figure out how to make the circle in the first place...

The Blood Goblin looks like a short, fat humanoid with red skin, the sucking mouth of a lamprey, and pure black eyes. While it prefers to drink the blood of fresh corpses using its mouth, the goblin has hypodermic needle-like claws that allow it to suck up blood as well.

This was made for my survival horror ruleset that I made, which I also have just updated! Click here to check it out!

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  1. For some reason reminds me of the demon or whatever it is in the movie “deathnote”.