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The Dungeon Of Rak-Arnesh: Level 1

[Note: What follows is very much a work in progress, and is the beginning of a project to make a decently sized dungeon for use with my house rules, and old school elf games in general. I am making this for my own personal enjoyment and use, so do not expect the kind of quality that a paid product will provide.]

This Temple of Rak-Arnesh was originally constructed by the serpent-folk in primeval times. Now it is inhabited by all number of creatures. From the outside, the temple appears as a small, gray stone pyramid, though in reality this is only the entrance structure to a much grander subterranean labyrinth.. The ruined temple is only a day's march from the nearest town, and is rumored to hold vast amounts of treasure, if one has the courage to brave the depths of the underworld for gold and glory...

(Image via David de Groot on Flickr)

Level 1

  • Stairs lead down from above into the dungeon level
  • Pile of scrap wood
  • Small worktable with tools on wall
  • Drawer in worktable contains 250 coins
  • Tripwire across floor
  • If tripwire activated, bucket of acid falls on head of triggering character, dealing 1d6+2 on a failed saving throw
  • Pile of refuse and feces
  • 2 giant flies and 4 giant maggots
  • 90 coins can be found among the refuse
  • 8 goblins, squabbling over some rotten meat
  • Each goblin has 20 coins
  • 5 trained giant rats, 1 goblin handler, and a hobgoblin supervising the goblin
  • Chest against the wall is full of 1200 coins
  • Hole in wall, 500 coin gem can be seen at the end of the whole
  • Bear trap at end of hole, deals 1d6 damage to anyone trying to grab gem unless saving throw made
  • Puddle of dried blood on the floor
  • Tent in the corner, burnt out fire as well
  • Strange old Hermit named Johannes sleeping in tent
  • Johannes calls himself a goblinologist, and is staying in the ruins to study goblin behavior
  • Old wooden desk, with a broken lantern sitting upon it
  • Drawer of desk has a dead rat in it, along with 300 coins and a Ring of the Statue
  • Mushrooms grow on the floor
  • If a mushroom is eaten, one has a vision and learns something about the dungeon
  • If more than one mushroom is eaten in 24 hours, one must make a saving throw or take 1d6 damage for each additional mushroom eaten
  • The corpse of a goblin is in the room, covered in the mushrooms, and has a pouch containing 700 coins
  • Tripwire connected to a pendulum, if sprung, an axe comes down and hits whoever activated it
  • Axe deals 1d6+1 damage unless a saving throw is made
  • An old hobgoblin lays alone on a cot, smelling of decay and disease
  • Hobgoblin’s name is Snotfang, he is dying of a wasting disease and has been abandoned by his peers
  • He has a key on a string around his neck that unlocks the trapdoor in room 20
  • 4 hobgoblins, conversing in whispers about Snotfang
  • Each hobgoblin has 500 coins
  • Defaced statue of an angel, covered in goblin scrawlings
  • 2 giant roaches
  • Crude, pressure-plate activated crossbow trap
  • If pressure plate stepped on, crossbow fires, requiring two saving throws, one to avoid being hit and one to resist the poison on the crossbow bolt
  • Crossbow deals 1d6+1 damage, poison deals additional 1d6 damage
  • Loose scraps of paper on the floor, appear to have once been part of a holy book that was torn to shreds
  • A beautiful golden holy symbol with inlaid jewels worth 2000 coins lies among the paper
  • Pool of luminescent water, a bottle of which will work as a lantern before losing its light after 1 day
  • 6 goblins, led by a hobgoblin leader wielding a Knife of Bestial Form
  • Each goblin has 50 coins, and the hobgoblin has 500 coins
  • Claw marks on the walls
  • Locked trapdoor on the floor leading to level 2, key is in room 12

d6 encounter table
1. 2d6 goblins
2. 1d6 hobgoblins
3. 1d3 giant roaches
4. 2d6 giant maggots
5. 1d6 giant flies
6, 2d6 giant rats

Magic Items

Ring of the Statue
Anyone who puts this ring on their finger turns to stone until the ring is removed.

Knife of Bestial Form
If one cuts themselves with this knife (light melee weapon) for 1 HP of damage, they briefly transform
into a bestial humanoid monster. They gain a +3 bonus to AC, and gain 2 claw attacks each dealing 1d6
damage. This effect lasts for 2d6 rounds and the knife can be used once per day.

Monster and NPC Stats

HD 1
AC medium+shield (15)
ATK 1 weapon
DMG 1d6

HD ½
AC unarmored (10)
ATK 1 knife
DMG 1d6-1

Giant Roaches
HD 2
AC medium (14)
ATK 1 bite
DMG 1d6
Even after being reduced to 0 HP they will continue to function for 1d6 rounds, regardless of damage dealt.

Giant Flies
HD 1
AC light (12)
ATK 1 bite
DMG 1d6

Giant Maggots
HD ½
AC unarmored (10)
ATK 1 bite
DMG 1d3

Giant Rats
HD ½
AC unarmored (10)
ATK 1 bite
DMG 1d6-1

HD 1 hit point
AC unarmored (10)
ATK 1 punch
DMG 1 point
HDE n/a

HD 1
AC unarmored
ATK 1 dagger
DMG 1d6-1

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  1. Huh. No doors? I like those traps where the sand empties, simultaneously lowering a heavy, stone door. Rusted metal gates are cool, too (even if age has rendered them extremely brittle).