Wednesday, February 20, 2019

JABOM House Rules Update!!!!!

UHHHHH I can't actually really remember everything I put in this one?? I think I changed some spells, added some optional rules, fixed solo play for spellcasters, reorganized some stuff, and just generally improved things. Also I added an introduction.



  1. 3d6+CHA mod x 10 is an easier way to do starting money! Does Cleave stack with extra attacks? Sneak Attack has a spelling error (fourth level instead of fifth). If CON mod increases, does it increase retroactively? Rogues have so much stuff in their starting kits!

    Buying equipment will probably take the longest. Have you considered random items?

    Handgun. Heh.

    1. Thanks! I find that it makes a decent amount of in-universe sense, and gives a decent reason for Charisma to be a useful stat. And cleave absolutely stacks with extra attacks, no doubt about it. Thank you for pointing out the mistake! And I've thought about it, but I've had difficulty with figuring out a good method to do so, do you have any suggestions?

      And I think I added the handgun immediately after watching Videodrome for the first time.