Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Random Humanoid Generator

Goblins, hobgoblins, orcs, kobolds, gnolls, bullywugs, lizard-folk, troglodytes, derro, gibberlings, mites, jermlaine, and bugbears are great and all, and I think that humanoid monsters have a very important function in the average D&D game. But wow there are a lot of them huh? And many of them seem so similar as to be ridiculous.

(The imps from Doom 3)

I believe that monsters should be local affairs for the most part, and each region should have its own monsters that tend to dwell there. In a dungeon crawl this isn't as important, but in a sandbox game it is almost essential to give each area its own feel. But lets say you don't really care for any of the traditional humanoid monsters, or just flat out have done away with the typical types in your own campaign setting? You can use this table to roll up some new ones!

(Genlock from Dragon Age)

Primary Trait
Secondary Trait
Mammal head (roll d6)
1. Pig
2. Rat
3. Wolf
4. Goat
5. Ape
6. Cat
Tail (roll d6)
1. Scorpion
2. Rat
3. Lizard
4. Horse
5. Monkey
6. Fish
Turn human beings into one them through some unknown process
Reptile or amphibian head (roll d6)
1. Frog
2. Lizard
3. Snake
4. Chameleon
5. Turtle
6. Salamander
Lower body of a (roll d6)
1. Horse
2. Spider
3. Octopus
4. Snake
5. Fish
6. Worm
Kidnap human children and replace the stolen babies with their own children, which reveal their true form when they come of age
Arthropod head (roll d6)
1. Fly
2. Ant
3. Wasp
4. Spider
5. Mantis
6. Cockroach
Blood color (roll d6)
1. Black
2. White
3. Purple
4. Green
5. Blue
6. Yellow
Worship a horrific demon god in foul and unholy rituals
Bird head (roll d6)
1. Owl
2. Hawk
3. Crow
4. Vulture
5. Stork
6. Cassowary
Smells like (roll d6)
1. Sewage
2. Flowers
3. Rotting flesh
4. Sulfur
5. Fish
6. Vomit
Use human bones to create furniture and weaponry
Fish head (roll d6)
1. Shark
2. Anglerfish
3. Blobfish
4. Eel
5. Flounder
6. Stingray
Skin texture (roll d6)
1. Blubbery
2. Scaly
3. Slimy
4. Calloused
5. Wrinkly
6. Metallic
Believe that the strong deserve to rule over the weak, and anyone who kills their leader becomes the new leader
Long, ape-like arms
Wings (vestigial)
Mimic human voices
Legs bend backwards
Wings (functioning)
Eat human flesh
No neck, head and torso fused
Arms are tentacles
Keep trophies of all their kills
Too many joints, moves fluidly
Sharp talons instead of finger nails
If they are spared by an enemy, they have a life debt
Extremely thin
Single eye
Incredibly sadistic
Extremely fat
Arms end in pincers
Fly into violent rages
Incredibly short arms
No eyes
Take human beings as slaves
Stubby fingers
Thick fur
Function as a hive mind
Long fingers
Prone to infighting
Second set of arms
Hate the light
Pointed ears
Enjoy the thrill of the hunt
Arms are flippers
Worship a monster
Body glows
Serve a specific human
Eyes glow
Strict hierarchy
Rows of teeth
Second face on back of head
Perform experiments on human beings
Lamprey-like mouth
Extremely short
Desire to die in combat
Bio-mechanical appearance
Extremely tall
Fear a specific animal
Bulging veins
Covered in small, spiky hairs
Lure humans to their lairs using music
Huge muscles
Eye stalks
Drink human blood
Covered with tumors
Tiny, beady eyes
Fear magic
Pharyngeal jaw
Huge, bulging eyes
Build odd structures
Long, prehensile tongue
No skin
Rob graves
Head is a skull with eyes
Wear human skin
Mass of tentacles instead of a nose
Make deals that they follow to the letter
No mouth
Blood glows in the dark
Believe disease is holy
Translucent body
Body covered in deformed, vestigial faces
Remove a specific organ from humans
Insect-like proboscis
Shards of bone poke out from flesh
Ingest potent hallucinogens before battle
Horizontally opening mouth
Emits a constant humming sound
Dance with an inhuman grace in battle
Iron finger and toenails
Wear horrific masks
Retractable fangs
Retractable claws
Tame wild animals
Limbs can extend from and retract into the body
Constantly shivering
Would rather die than admit defeat


The Forest Dwellers
Pointed ears, extremely tall, worship a monster

These 7 foot tall humanoids have long, sensitive ears, and as their name suggests, lurk in the forest. They rarely interact with human beings, except when their foul master commands them to. The forest dwellers worship a hag, who they see as a god. When the hag wishes, the forest dwellers leave their woods and wreak havoc at her behest.

Mushroom Eaters
Pharyngeal jaw, functioning wings, ingest potent hallucinogens before battle

Resembling humans with bat-like wings ending in monkey hands instead of arms, these creatures are named for the extremely hallucinogenic mushrooms they typically consume, which drives them into an ecstatic, psychedelic rage. They have a second jaw within their mouth which can extend rapidly to bite through skulls as a coup de grace.

Translucent body, thick fur, strict hierarchy

These snow-dwelling humanoids live in caves and have an extremely strict caste system, with everyone answering to and obeying someone else except for their king. They resemble human beings made of living ice, covered in a thick layer of fur that looks like ice crystals. In their hierarchy, humans are the lowest of the low, and as a result they often come into conflict with them, seeing it not as war but pest control.

Sea Dealers
Insect-like proboscis, arms are flippers, make deals that they follow to the letter

Those who wish the help of the sea dealers must simply come to the shores of the body of water that they haunt and offer up a sacrifice. A representative of these creatures will exit the water, observe the sacrifice, and offer services in exchange for it, with the actions it is willing to do being limited by the quality of the offering. These services can range from assassination, romantic assistance, healing, and even fertility treatment. However, getting the service one requires the right sacrifice, and the dealers will follow the request to the letter, but not always will they get the spirit of what is asked of them. In form, sea dealers are humanoid creatures with seal-like flippers for arms, and the proboscis of a butterfly instead of an ordinary mouth, through which they speak in a flute-like language.


  1. Thanks, this is amazing. Coming up with names for all these critters will be its own task. Unless I'm worse at math than I thought there's more than 46,656 possible combinations.