Thursday, November 7, 2019

A Blogging Challenge: MSpaint Monster Manual

I'm not an artist, at least not a visual one, though I often wish I was. I enjoy doodling in MSpaint a lot, it helps pass the time and makes me happy, but nothing I make in there is really truly "art".

So the other day I thought, "Screw it, just doodle 5 monsters from the AD&D monster manual in MSpaint and put it on your blog. It isn't an art gallery, its a place for me to express myself and goof off", and so I did.

And I realized that I bet a lot of the rest of the blogosphere is similar, not having too much art experience and wanting to create something, but not really feeling competent in their abilities and expressing themselves. So here's a blogging challenge or whatever; crack open a monster manual or bestiary and just doodle a couple of the monsters there in MSpaint. This is just for funsies, you can spend as little or as much time as you want, go hogwild!

To kick things off, here are 5 of my MSpaint monsters!

I might do more of this, I might not. And who knows if this will actually take off or not, this could be the first and last MSpaint Monster Manual post. In any event, enjoy the garbage below!


  1. I completely understand the sentiment! I have a few terrible ms paint monsters, but not enough for a blog entry alas

  2. This is a fine idea! I love MS Paint - the poor man's Photoshop! Or poor man's Corel Draw, or poor man's something...
    Challenge accepted (several days later) - feel free to check out