Sunday, April 19, 2020

Some Body Horror Tables

There is some gross/gory stuff on this post, so I'm putting it behind a jump break.

I love mutations in OSR games, I love that its just sort of acknowledged that if you go into a dungeon and touch things you shouldn't your body will be irreversibly messed up.

What part of you got messed up?
1. Head
2. Arms
3. Torso
4. Legs
5. Hands
6. Mouth


1. Your eyes extend outward 6 inches on stalks
2. Your hair is now a mass of writhing tendrils
3. Your eyes and ears switched places
4. Your whole face looks like its wax that melted and then reformed after dripping a bit
5. Your eye sockets are now full of tiny little eyes clumped together like frog eggs instead of singular normal eyes
6. All of your hair turns into teeth

Uzumaki by Junji Ito | Japanese horror, Junji ito, Horror art
(From Uzumaki by Junji Ito)


1. You gain 2 more elbows in each your arm, giving you an unnaturally fluid motion to it
2. Small lamprey-like mouths with sharp teeth form all over your arm, occasionally crying out in the voice of an infant
3. Your skin on your arm becomes hard like plastic, and you can no longer move it
4. Tiny fingers begin to sprout from your arm at random places
5. You start growing too much loose skin on your arm, causing it to sag and resemble a bat's wing
6. The skin on your arm grows tough and chitinous, bleeding in between plates of armor

Body Horror - TV Tropes
(From Parasyte)


1. You grow a new mouth on your stomach
2. Your ribs start growing out of your chest
3. Your organs writhe visibly underneath your skin
4. Bloodshot eyes grow on your torso
5. A half-formed face forms on your chest
6. A third, spindly, malformed arm grows out of the middle of your chest

Image result for body horror manga | Japanese horror, Art
(From Dissection Girl by Junji Ito)


1. You grow dozens more toes, making wearing a shoe on this foot impossible
2. Your leg becomes digitgrade like a dog's
3. Your leg loses all its bones and becomes floppy and useless
4. Your foot becomes a bony spike
5. Shards of bone stick out of your leg like knives
6. Your toes grow a foot longer, have dozens more joints, and constantly twitch and curl making awful cracking noises


1. Your fingernails begin to encase your entire hand
2. All your fingers bend the wrong way now
3. All your fingers become nubby and short except for your thumb which is now twice the length of the average middle finger
4. Your hand becomes a fleshy tentacle
5. Your hand becomes an infant head
6. Your finger bones grow longer and burst out of your fingertips like claws


1. Your teeth fall out and are replaced with a bunch of tiny wiggling tendrils
2. Your grin now literally stretches ear to ear, and you have dozens more teeth
3. You have a lamprey mouth now
4. Your lower jaw splits in half and can now open like insect mandibles
5. You grow teeth all over every surface of your mouth including your tongue
6. Your mouth opens vertically now


  1. This is awesome! Great ideas. My favorite is No.6 for Leg and No. 5 for Hand (so disturbing, maybe it will talk too).