Tuesday, July 21, 2020

What Do YOU Want From Lost Carcosa?

I'd say I'm about 70% done maybe with Supplement 🜏: Lost Carcosa, and I want input as to what I'm going to focus on the most. Progress has slowed a bit as I've gotten somewhat more ambitious than previously expected. My original estimate for the length of the supplement was 60 pages, now I imagine it is likely to be a little bit larger than that.

Progress is also slow because I keep reading and rereading my sources of inspiration to make sure I get the tone I want and that I'm in the right head-space.

Also, I realized I wasn't clear about this, but this will be likely sold on DrivethruRPG for 4.99.

Currently, what I have left to work on is as follows:

  • Finish writing up in digital format the random tables and locations for the Forest of Ys, the Sea of Demhe, the Colour-Blighted Wastes, the Valley of Yhtill, and the Carcosan Underworld.
  • Write up a mutation table
  • Create a brief, easy to read history of Carcosa.
  • Write up information for the deities Yig, Bast, Cthulhu, Father Dagon and Mother Hydra, Naotalba, Thale, and the Phantom of Truth.
  • Write up information for the NPCs Mr. Wilde, Hildred Castaigne, Jeanne D'Ys, Cassilda and Camilla, the Woman in The Wallpaper, Aldones and Uoht, Keziah Mason, Richard Upton Pickman, Boris Yvain, Philip Castaigne, Hali, and Haita.
  • Maybe make a little sample dungeon?

Anyway, I want to know what y'all think are the most important things I should focus on, and so I've put together a little strawpoll below:


Thank you for reading!


  1. A wilderness area with keyed hexes. A dungeon. A bestiary.

  2. I feel you, getting in the right headspace for writing is hard.

  3. a bunch of lairs and mini locations you can put in a hex crawl or drop in wherever - i like dungeons with tables to reskin them and use again