Monday, November 30, 2020

Here's A Dungeon, Sorry For Not Posting

 Oh jeez oh god I haven't posted in a month, here have a very simplistic set of encounters/rooms for a 10 room dungeon involving a vampire countess:

Empty Rooms

  • Bats roosting in a wine cellar, there is some wine of a good vintage which can be sold for a considerable profit.
  • A pile of staked vampire corpses; the remains of the vampire countess's husbands who she grew tired of.
  • A stable with extremely anemic and emaciated horses.
Darkest Dungeon has good vampires.

Combat Encounters
  • A guardian werewolf chained to a stake in the center of the room using a silver chain.
  • The sleeping quarters of the countess's husbands, filled with luxurious coffins. The countess's husbands are all rather feral vampires, dressed in fine silk clothes and chosen for their handsomeness. They wear high quality jewelry.
  • The countess's chambers, containing the countess herself and a velvet lined coffin. She wears a ruby necklace and wields a knife with magical anti-coagulant properties, causing excessive bleeding in victims.
From Pinterest, thought this would work as one of the countess's husbands.

  • A trapdoor drops down into a pit which contains weakened, starving former husbands of the countess. 
  • A spring loaded pike fires from the wall, impaling anyone unfortunate enough to activate the trap's pressure plate.
  • A blood transfusion station, consisting of a chair with straps and an IV containing the blood of the countess. This is used to turn humans into vampires.
  • A man named Vladimir is chained to the wall in a cell. He is very anemic and has several puncture wounds on his body. He knows a little about the layout of the countess's keep and desperately wants to escape.
  • The countess knows the secret to eternal life, and it can be found within her keep.
  • Handsome men keep going missing, and the trail leads back to the countess.
  • Vladimir went to the countess's castle to see if the rumors are true, and he never came back.