About The Blogger And Content Warnings

About Me

My name is Tristan Tanner, I'm a 20 year old white cisgender gender non-conforming man with an interest in role playing games from the 70s and 80s, particularly 3rd party supplements for Original Dungeons & Dragons.

I prefer not to get into politics on my blog, as I am not in very good mental health, and arguments about politics with strangers online can cause me quite a bit of distress. This is not to say I am apolitical, however, and this blog is a safe space for people of color, women, LGBT folks, mentally ill folks, and people with disabilities. It is NOT a safe space for fascists, racists, homophobes, transphobes, and misogynists. 

I am queer, and have been in a loving monogamous relationship with my spouse, Loki (it/its or e/im/is pronouns), for three years.

Content Warnings

The following is likely to appear on my blog on a regular or semi-regular basis, and if these things disturb you, I recommend not reading my blog.
  • Body horror
  • Unreality
  • Gore
  • Organized religion being used as a tool to oppress people
  • Profanity

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